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Partners in the ENPRA project

The 3 ½ year project is led by Dr Lang Tran of the IOM. To implement the ENPRA plan, we have assembled a consortium of 21 partners (15 European and 6 American) with an excellent academic record measured in hundreds of publications on Nanotoxicology (and three relevant articles in Nature and Nature Nanotechnology). Our partners also include prominent members of government bodies, participating in the regulatory process, on both sides of the Atlantic (e.g. JRC and US EPA, NIOSH). Most importantly, different groups within the ENPRA consortium have experience of working together in FP projects as well as other national projects and will be able to share their extensive experience on working with ENP in achieving the objectives laid out in ENPRA.

The full list of partners is given below. 

     EU Partners

     US Partners


Project activity

The sixth meeting of the European Observatory on NanoSafety (EONS) took place in Paris on 24 May 2012

The proceedings of this meeting have been summarised in the sixth 'European Observtory on Nano Safety' (EONS) report, and an excerpt is available on the Home page. The main report is available exclusively to ENPRA members in the member area of the website. Visit the WP7 section for access.  


Website & Newsletter

Providing general information on the project and its progress, and links to related areas.

Registered members of can access further information, with private areas for Project Team information and collaboration, eg project plans, progress reports, protocols, discussion forums, project Wiki etc.

The site provides a resource for ENPRA project team members and other interested parties. We welcome any useful content - please submit any items such as events and links, or other ENPRA related items of interest via our feedback form.

Non project team members can still register for future updates and occasional ENPRA newsletters.

The fifth ENPRA newsletter is available to download now - click here for access. 




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